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Princess Irulan

"The beginning is a time of taking great care.."

So I've decided to make this recent burst of Dune fan-love into a series of drawings.
I found it fitting to start proper with the one whose words begin the story,
Princess Irulan herself, the eldest daughter of Emperor Shaddam IV of the imperial house Corrino

I've always found her interesting, despite being a background character
and framing device for most of the first book. The after the fact-ness gives
the narrative a feeling of atemporality that I always dig.

She cuts a tragic figure, a writer trapped in the very history she's recording,

I wanted to convey a beauty trapped in the very lines of that history forming the motif of
waves and lines she's caught in the flow of. A beauty living in the shadow of sinister things.

It was hard to resist overdrawing the Sardaukar bodyguard looming behind her,
went just a blank and monstrous thing, a symbol of her father's will and power.

Dylan briones irulan final1

final piece.

Dylan briones irulan alone

few tweaks

Dylan briones irulan wip

initial sketch